About the Bottega


What is a bottega?

It is where we do our work.  The idea stems from the renaissance where a master craftsmen worked and developed talent. The Bottega, or studio, is set up as a digital workshop focusing on filmed content and photography. It’s from within this environment we wish to develop and create new works of cinema and photography.

The emphasis is on technological advances and producing content in-house while partnering with associates,  “Bottegai”, collaborators we consider close to our methods and mode of thinking.

This is not an antique version of the Bottega system, where there may have been slave labour and a sweatshop mentality.  In our Bottega we would like to cultivate ideas and talent and modernize a time-honored tradition, without the secretive nature of the renaissance model.

This studio stands for value.  It stands for good work, daily work.