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David Battistella Writer Director Actor & Editor

Award Winning Director
Screenwriter, Story editor, Columnist
Thousands of hours in the edit room.
Student of Lewis Baumander, Toronto Canada.


I am Director, Writer, Producer, Editor and Actor. I currently live in Firenze, Italy where I am writing a screenplay about the life of Filippo Brunelleschi and the building of the Cupola. Recently, I was invited to speak about my passion for Florence and the life of Filippo Brunelleschi at two different TED events, the first in Italian in Florence Italy and most recently a talk in English in London, England.

In 2012 I began making a series of films around the subject of light and the various ways it illuminates alongside the secondary theme of daily work.

LIGHT & SPIRIT completed in 2014 tells of the spiritual life of Don Alessandro Pacchia, a priest who has worked and lived next to Florence’s cathedral for over 47 years.

In 2013, I completed the first in the series of four films being created around these themes which in Italian I call, “la vita quotidiana”.  The 26 minute film LIGHT & SILVER: The photographic life of George Tatge tells the story of a photographer who still works with film.  In a day and age where millions of photographs are being taken every hour, George still uses a wooded camera which loads only one large format negative at a time. The film was presented in association with the Tuscan film Commission at the Odeon Cinema in Florence Italy to a large, interested audience.

In 2011, I made six films about artists and life in Firenze. My Vimeo page has over a two million seven hundred thousand loads and over two million views. My short film Modern Gladiators about Calcio Storico Fiorentino surpassed 1.5 million views on Vimeo.

In 2010, I completed Bryan Adams: Bare Bones for the National Film Board of Canada and created the web series ripperhockey.com, a story that tracks Canada’s most overzealous beer league hockey player, Randall “ripper” O’Conner. In 2009 I made the film “family Band” with the National Film Board of Canada.

In 2002, my feature documentary, Shinny: The Hockey in All of Us, won the Banff Media Festival Rockie Award for best sports documentary.

I bring a multi-disciplinary approach to my work. I am a complete filmmaker with IMDB credits in several categories. I’m a director, cinematographer, writer and a Gemini Award nominated film editor as well as an award winning filmmaker.

I’m the former chair of the Toronto Final Cut Pro user group. I am a longtime contributor to CreativeCow.net, a respected online resource for industry professionals. I contribute regularly to the film community. I’m always willing to share knowledge and facilitate the creative and technical growth of film professionals worldwide.

I am always making a film. Always.


“We live in a glorious new age. An age where data is available to all, where borders of thought are lifted and where we are birthing a new kind of thinker. We are entering the age of new visual literacy, where children learn by watching and doing, the way their artisan, humanist forefathers of Florence once learned.”

David Battistella


As a professional media maker, actor and writer, working across disciplines for twenty years, doing client based and personal productions, he bristles at the fact that many people like to pigeon hole North American film makers. You are a “doc guy”, a “feature guy”, a “commercial guy”. Battistella doesn’t see it this way. He focuses on being a great storyteller — for him, it’s about the ability to convey what matters.

— from an Interview with Gerry Flahive, Canadian Writer/Producer