Films are not easy to make.  They are laborious detailed tasks that demand a lot of the people who make them.  There are so many processes to contend with from capturing the film, editing the film, finding the correct music, making sure the dialog and image is just right.  The list goes on and on.  It takes time, attention to detail and great care. I don’t think there exists a “fast way” of making a film.

Getting a completed film in front of people in a theatre is even harder.  But when stars align and things go right, it’s magical.

Such was the case last Friday evening at Palazzo Tournabuoni in the heart of Florence where my film Light and Spirit screened.  The Sala delle Muse was the room for the venue and this was significant as this is a room where the very first Italian Operas were rehearsed, sung and performed. It’s quite and honour to have that room converted to a film screening theatre.  I’m not sure a the room has ever been converted for this type of function as normally Palazzo Tournabuoni holds concerts, recitals or lectures in the space.  Still, it was a special an intimate event.

I’m tentative at screenings.  I watch the film I have seen a million times and I watch the people watching it for the first time. I can never predict a reaction. I’m pleased to say that it was a wonderful experience and the audience was interested and appreciative.  After the screening we had the Deardorf Camera George uses in the film and I also brought along the RED Epic Dragon camera (the camera that inspired the film) and we sat them side by side.

A short discussion about analog and digital photography ensued and there were some questions from the audience. A quick apertivo afterward was hosted in the lounge.

I have to give a sincere thanks to Gabrielle Taylor at Palazzo Tournabuoni for a wonderfully organised event.  George’s photographs will be in the Palazzo for about two weeks.  Here are a few pictures of the event.


photo 3 photo 1 photo 2